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Mar 5, 2019
This tutorial will show you what you need to do after you buy the product in few simple steps:

1. I will send you a HWID file/zip. Download this file (if it is zip make sure you extract it), run it and it will give you HWID. Send this HWID back to me and delete the exe.

2. While I prepare your build for you, fill this form for me and send it to me:

IN-GAME Values
In-game Mouse sensitivity:
In-game ADS Mouse sensitivity multiplier:
In-game Primary weapon key: 1
In-game Secondary weapon key: 2
In-game Grenade key: G

3. Below you can find the default keybinds. If you want me to change any of them (you can change keybinds at any time), send me changes to the form below:

Script keybinds
Exit program key: End (Used to quit the script completely)
Reset program key: Home (Used to reset the script after game ends or when you die and respawn from beacon)
Set R99 to weapon slot: F6 (See THIS THREAD to understand how to operate the script)
Set R301 to weapon slot: F7
Set Spitfire to weapon slot: F8
Set FLATLINE to weapon slot: F9
Set ALTERNATOR to weapon slot: F11
Set AUTOPISTOL to weapon slot: F12
Set HEMLOK to weapon slot: F5
Set PROWLER to weapon slot: F4
Set HAVOK to weapon slot: F3
Set Devotion to weapon slot: F1
Set L-Star to weapon slot: F2
Deactivate weapon slot: F10
Increase level of barrel stabilizer: Numpad +
Decrease level of barrel stabilizer: Numpad -

4. I will then send you a zip file with 1 exe file, 1 config file and some sound files, extract it into a separate folder.

5. When you run the script for the first time, it will ask you for license. I will send you the license right after the zip file.

6. After entering the license, you should see black console window with no text in it (that means it is ready to go), if you see error popup, text or don't see the console at all, just tell me and I will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.

7. That's it, now you can use the script in game. I recommend to try in Training first. You can find explanation on how to use the script HERE.
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