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Mar 5, 2019
Weapon slots
You have 2 weapons slots (both in-game and in script). You switch the weapon slots with the same key as in-game's Primary and Secondary weapon keybind. Every slot can have any weapon assigned to it through a keybind. Further, every weapon has it's own attachment system that you can change through the Barrel stabilizer buttons). The weapon remembers its attachment levels until reset by Reset key or Exit key.

Weapon keybinds
Every weapon has its own keybind. You press this button to assign the weapon to currently active weapon slot. Usually, you only need to press the keybind once when you pick the weapon up.

Level up/down keybinds
Sets level of the barrel stabilizer attachment to the currently active gun.

For Hemlok
Hemlok should be always set to a burst fire mode and a rapid fire script should be used. Rapid fire script is disabled by default in the config as most of the users use mice with rapid fire support. If your mouse does not support rapid fire, you can enable it at the very bottom of the config.

For Prowler
Prowler is optimized for the full automatic attachment.

For weapons with barrel stabilizer
No barrel stabilizer = None
White barrel stabilizer = None
Blue barrel stabilizer = Level 1
Purple barrel stabilizer = Level 2
Orange barrel stabilizer = Level 3

Exit key
Exits the script completely.

Reset key
Restarts the script as if you first launched it. Use this key after every game or when you hard die and respawn from beacon to reset all attachments on all guns etc.

This might seem very complicated when reading but after 5 minutes you will get used to the controls and it will be very convenient not having to worry about what script is currently running... You should also hear voice feedback whenever you do any actions so you will know if something is not set properly.
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