How to configure cheat on your own

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Mar 5, 2019
If you have any problems with config, feel free to message me on Discord or Skype and I will set it up for you. However, if you want to quickly change something is is pretty easy to do, here is how:

  1. Open the config.txt file in notepad.
  2. Edit any value (number after "=")
  3. Save and make sure you restarted the script if it was running
Any row that has "key" in it has keybind value. The keybinds itself are represented by a number, you can find the mapping key - value here:
You want to change activate Spitfire keybind.
  1. Find the row: activate Spitfire key = 119
  2. Pick any keybind (I picked Num 8 with value 104)
  3. Change value so it looks like this: activate Spitfire key = 104
  4. Save
Finetune power
This section allows you to adjust powers of each weapon, default value is 100 (means 100% power).


Sound notifications - set if you want to hear sound notifications from the script (0 = no, 1 = yes).
Hide console - set if you want to see the black console when script is running (0 = visible, 1 = hidden).
Smoothing - set how smooth you want the movement to be, bigger smoothing can reduce recoil control accuracy. (1 = low smoothing - 4 = high smoothing)
Autofire - this option is for single fire weapons, set if you want the script to automatically shoot for you (0 = shoot yourself, 1 = script shoots)

If you have any problem or you think something is broken or annoying, let me know. Chances are you can just change it in config and you don't know about it so I can show you. If not, I can explain why this decision was made or I can add a feature if it is a good idea
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