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Dec 8, 2019
cScript - Apex Legends
R99 - 10/10 perfect strong but legitimate looking spray
R301 - 10/10 perfect legitimate looking spray
Hemlock - 9/10 works better on single fire automatic but writing a burst rifle script is not easy but he did a great job
Havoc - 10/10 perfect spray
Alternator - 10/10 perfect spray
Prowler - 10/10 perfect spray
RE-45 - 10/10 perfect spray
Spitfire - 10/10 spitfire has a lot of spread but this script tames the recoil perfectly
Flatline - 100/10 this gun im sure everyone agrees sucks to control but fear no more
Barrel Stabilizer Compensation - 10/10 works perfectly
Security - 10/10 this man knows his way so you will not have to fear detection's using cscript there is no memory scanning nor is the internal or external injections eac wont notice
Customization - 10/10 You can individually config each gun on recoil compensation intensity as well as you can smooth all recoils less or more with one change in the cfg
Stability - 10/10 this whole software uses about 7.7mb of ram your fps wont even drop a frame and it does not crash either
Pricing - 10/10 although not cheap this is the best purchase ive made in the cheat industry knowing you are safe when you use this is the best part
Developer - 100/10 Denya is the nicest cheat dev ever and he helps you no matter what
Overall - 10/10 I highly recommend this to anyone who needs just a little boost in there performance in apex