03-08-2021 - Update 2.5 (Season 10)


Staff member
Mar 5, 2019
You can play Apex Season 10 even with your old build, the cheat is safe and undetected, some guns whose recoil patterns were changed might be slightly less accurate, so when you can, message me to get the new update.

Adjusted Volt recoil pattern
Adjusted Flatline recoil pattern and timings
Adjusted R301 timings
Adjusted L-STAR for the new magazine

New features:
Added support for the new weapon: RAMPAGE
Added support for RAMPAGE Ramp up reload (Reloading Thermite grenade to speed up the fire rate)

How to update (for current users):
Message me on Discord or Skype. Tell me which key you want RAMPAGE set to and also include your config.txt as a file attachment.

Also, I have updated https://cscript.net/forums/threads/usage-feature-explanation.7/ with Season 10 info and also on how to use all the hop ups, so read it again please.