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    S6 already done
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    19-8-2020 - Update 2.0

    Support for new Season 6! Added Volt. Reworked Havoc pattern, added back turbocharger option (attachment up). Adjusted patterns of guns that changed their pattern (minor hidden changes as well as the ones announced in the official post). How to update (for current users) Message me on Skype or...
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    26-6-2020 - Update 1.6

    Updated Havoc recoil pattern to match the current one. How to update (for current users) Message me on Skype or Discord (where you got your build).
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    13-5-2020 - Update 1.5

    Small adjustments for Season 5 recoil changes. How to update (for current users) Message me on Skype or Discord (where you got your build).
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    5-2-2020 - Update 1.3

    MAIN Added Devotion Added L-Star Added grenade check (script not active when throwing grenades) ADJUSTMENTS Adjusted Prowler full auto spray to better match the pattern Adjusted Havoc spray to better match the pattern Removed Havoc spinup attachment as it is no longer in-game TECHNICAL Updated...
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    Looking to buy

    Yes, correct :) that's the best and fastest way
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    Hey, pricing has been discussed over Discord, you did everything correct, no more info needed :)
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    Hi, yes, the script fully supports fullscreen as well as any software/hardware. We use multiple pre and post compilation methods to prevent all kinds of detection.
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    How to configure cheat on your own

    If you have any problems with config, feel free to message me on Discord or Skype and I will set it up for you. However, if you want to quickly change something is is pretty easy to do, here is how: Open the config.txt file in notepad. Edit any value (number after "=") Save and make sure you...
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    Usage & feature explanation

    Weapon slots You have 2 weapons slots (both in-game and in script). You switch the weapon slots with the same key as in-game's Primary and Secondary weapon keybind. Every slot can have any weapon assigned to it through a keybind. Further, every weapon has it's own attachment system that you can...
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    What to do after purchase

    This tutorial will show you what you need to do after you buy the product in few simple steps: 1. I will send you a HWID file/zip. Download this file (if it is zip make sure you extract it), run it and it will give you HWID. Send this HWID back to me and delete the exe. 2. While I prepare your...
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    21/3/2019 - Update 1.2

    Added Havok.
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    17/02/2019 - Update 1.1

    Added Hemlok (Single fire). Added Prowler (Full auto). Recoil accuracy improvements for higher sensitivity. Better menu checking.
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    11/02/2019 - Release 1.0

    The release of the cScript client. Supported weapons: R-301 Carbine Alternator R-99 RE-45 Auto VK-47 Flatline M600 Spitfire
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    Apex Legends - Private NoRecoil Script

    cScript is strictly limited to 20 users and this limit will never increase. We also offer custom, lifetime only scripts that are written per-user in desired programming language (see Introduction for details). Showcase: Imgur album Features cScript currently offers recoil control help with...