Apex Legends - Private NoRecoil Script

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Mar 5, 2019

cScript is strictly limited to 20 users and this limit will never increase.
We also offer custom, lifetime only scripts that are written per-user in desired programming language (see Introduction for details).

Showcase: Youtube playlist

Discord: denyagola#2435
Skype: live:denyaghola
Website: cScript

Purchases are done only through Discord and Skype. Make sure you are talking to the correct person (you can request PM on forum).

1 Week Subscription: 10€
1 Month Subscription: 30€
Subscription: 100€
Lifetime Private/Custom builds
: Price based on used technology and features

Payment methods
PayPal (F&F), Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Coinbase transfer

cScript currently offers recoil control help with following weapons (attachments also supported):

RAMPAGE (Supports ramp up with thermite grenade)

R-301 Carbine
RE-45 Auto
VK-47 Flatline
M600 Spitfire
Hemlok Burst AR
Prowler Burst PDW (Full auto)
Havok (Also supports turbocharger)
Devotion (Also supports turbocharger)

Bunnyhop (crouch/regular)
Bunnyhop can be used standalone to do perfect hops or in combination with crouch (hold) to slide and crouch hop to be harder to hit / maintain speed when using a shield.
Automatic fast weapon reload
Uses tactical reload instead of regular one for purple and yellow extended magazines.
Best security
We currently have 0 bans on record.
Any sensitivity
The script automatically calculates the patterns based on your sensitivity.
Extended magazine support
The script works with any magazine size.
Weapon manager
To make use of scripts more convenient, cScript keeps track of weapons in both weapon slots along with barrel stabilizer level (once set by the user through a keybind).
Menu & grenade checks
The script only works when it is supposed to.
Text-to-speech notifications
To keep you updated on the state of the script.
No PC requirements
cScript works on every Windows version and every hardware.

cScript is a private external tool that helps you with recoil control. Every build is processed through a special compiler engine that makes sure all files are unique and use different logic to achieve the same result. cScript also offers fully private (one source per person, lifetime only) builds in these programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Powershell/Bash, AHK, Lua, JavaScript) as well as mouse-specific scripts (for any mouse that supports scripted mouse movement). If you wish to purchase custom scripts, please message me on Discord or Skype.

cScript does not modify the game in any way. EAC and server-side metrics are fully supported.
cScript is unlikely to ever get hit by a banwave compared to regular cheats that try to bypass EAC.

LAN Support
cScript does not show any internet traffic and can be used on offline events.
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